Whirlybird installation in Penrith & surrounding suburbs

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Let us help you potentially lower your power bill by installing a whirlybird. All whirlybirds come with a ball bearing shaft and a 15-year manufacturer warranty. Our selection comes in a wide range of colours so we can match them to any style roof. Please contact our friendly team to arrange an obligation 
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Closable vents & other whirlybird options

You may also be interested in our closable vents and clear-top whirlybirds. With a closable roof vent, you can let excess heat leave your home in the summer and close it during the winter to retain heat. Our clear-top whirlybirds are perfect for allowing natural light to come through the opening. This is ideal in a dark garage or hallway. Give us a call to learn more.
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If you don’t provide a way for hot air to leave your roof cavity during the summer months, chances are you are paying an excessively high power bill due to a constantly running air conditioner.
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